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Job Description:

Concept of choose and employ persons:

Left the company "people-oriented", adhere to the "talent - technology - benefit" leapfrog development path, has the talent in the first place, the rational allocation of human resources, vigorously develop, science as a top priority.


Any cardiac adhere to the "post, its achievement is outstanding talent" talent; "The requirements of qualified for position" steadfast, you are willing to work as a recruitment objective; To "admit that people need, pay attention to the value of people, the ability of developers, to encourage the creation of the people" as the human resources management policy; "Cultivate employees with a sense of pride and sense of belonging, improve staff quality, building first-class talent" for human resources management goal; Advocated "employees in creating value for enterprises to realize own value" of the development. Advocate "people-oriented, is the use".


His staff with enterprise common growth, the enterprise needs people to realize value, no staff, no enterprise, we respect human nature, we care for our employees. From a larger perspective of company development strategy to evaluate talents, the development direction of the employee's individual career development strategy combined with the company, the employee's individual career demand combined with the enterprise development needs. Companies pay attention to the survival state of the employee, the employee's work, give employees enough care, create the best environment to work, let them according to their own career goals for the full development, reflect their own value. Set up a team a complementary advantages and common create a nice future of the port.


Filled the source company use of advanced management concept, modern management means, constantly absorbing talents, cultivate talent, retain talent potential, arouse the enthusiasm of talent, developing talent, adhere to the people-oriented, vary from person to person, everyone's ability into full play, make the enterprise healthy and orderly and steady development.


Pick a standard:

Derive the moral quality of integrity, positive life attitude, a solid profound professional knowledge, down-to-earth work style and bold innovation of scientific spirit and good team cooperation ability.




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