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Industry Dynamics

Occupy the market is a key to affecting the development of nc machine tools in China

Was the first big country, machine tool consumption in China is also a producer, but remind the domestic machine tool machine tool import and export trade deficit enterprises, is currently China's machine tool industry product structure can't meet the demand of the market. Compared with the international advanced CNC machine tool products, independent innovation ability is insufficient, domestic CNC machine tools, there is still a gap on the quality and stability.


Domestic nc machine tool users, not to choose the main reason for the domestic machine tool is the reliability of the product can not meet the requirement of the user. Machine tool market competition competition is mainly the reliability of the product, can occupy the market is a key to survival and development of numerical control equipment industry in China. Particularly in the imports rising situation, improving the reliability of the products on domestic nc equipment in the international market competition, promote the development of national industry is particularly significant.


The reliability of the product are the key factors that affect the market share. Implementation of reliability technology in recent years, China's machine tool enterprises, domestic machine tool reliability level in steady growth, but compared with similar products in the developed countries gap is still obvious. To change the status quo of China machine tool industry, through the implementation of major projects, encourage domestic high-grade CNC machine tool reliability level is close to or reached the world advanced level, solve the development of the nc machine tool industry technical engineering problems, to reverse the passive situation international competition in the market.


At present, the domestic numerical control machine tool research and development, mainly oriented to high grade, the pursuit of high speed, precision and multi-axis linkage composite processing, etc. However, along with the increase in composite function and the introduction of intensive technology, unreliable factors and the problems increase. A high reliability of the machine tool can receive several machine tools at the same time operating effect, can reduce the outage losses and maintenance costs of users. In operation and are at increased risk for failure in the course of using, its advanced performance and function can't maintain, reduced or lost use value.


The reliability of CNC machine tool product is exposed in the process of use and field running quality attributes, product use due to the time factor and environmental factor, without the use of the product can't really judge its reliability level. Improve the nc machine tools reliability, is to reduce or avoid various faults occurred in the working process of the product.


In many cases, the home-made numerical control machine tool, the outstanding issues that affect product reliability, is often manufacture process, assembly process, fittings and the selection of purchased parts and early failure did not eliminate, accounted for a large proportion of failure. Emphasizes the reliability test method, strengthen product manufacture process, assembly process, fittings, and purchased components procurement and early fault elimination process reliability assurance measures, implementation of systems engineering, in order to achieve the reliability of CNC machine tool product promotion.